Earth Eagle Native Products is a 100% Amerindian company located in Wendake (formerly called Huron Village), the Amerindian community near Quebec City in Canada. Its founder, Vincent Levesque, is a member of the Huron-Wendat nation. 

Since 1997, Earth Eagle Native Products has been distributing incense and various traditional Amerindian products in Canada and around the world in a philosophy of sharing, love and well-being so that everyone can take care of and connect to Mother Earth. 

Since its beginnings, Earth Eagle Native Products has always been concerned about the quality of its products, nature and the teachings transmitted by the Elders

Its team is composed of First Nations people who create artisanal products or collect and produce traditional incense and essential oils, including those used in the composition of First Nation Spirit, a smokeless version of traditional purification incense, Earth Eagle Native Products unique, innovative and most popular product. 

By purchasing from Earth Eagle Native Products, you are supporting the production of 100% natural, eco-responsible and high quality products that contain no synthetic chemicals, dyes or preservatives. 

You also support the employability of First Nations people, the majority of whom are Aboriginal women who gather plants, one of their traditional activities. 

These products are made by First Nations people in Canada. The herbs and plants used in the products are, for the most part, hand-picked in Quebec, except for white sage which is picked by Native Americans in the United States. 

Earth Eagle Native Products offers you First Nation Spirit, a purifying liquid incense, traditional incenses and sacred herbs used to purify people, places and events, essential oils, books as well as Amerindian handicrafts made by the members of the Wendake community. 

It is our pleasure to share our heartfelt trail with you, 

Tiawenhk, Thank you 

Vincent Levesque, owner
Huron-Wendat of the Bear Clan